Property Name

Hillside Village

Square Footage 169,299 SF

Property Description

Hillside Village is a historic property in a prominent location. Built in 1954, Hillside Village was the talk of the town, known for having the largest A&P supermarket in Greater Dallas (15,000 SF!) and launching more than 30 local businesses at the burgeoning corner of Abrams Road and Mockingbird Lane. Early on, locals frequented Hillside Village for Beck’s Fried Chicken, Davenports 1¢ to $1 Store, Mrs. Northcutt’s Dress Shop and other unique shops.

A new chapter is beginning at Hillside Village that will cater to the underserved trade area. A mix of local and specialty tenants will be curated to complement the lifestyle of the upscale, eclectic and creative Lakewood community. The property’s location at the highly trafficked intersection of Abrams Road and Mockingbird Lane puts it in a prime position to once again become a daily destination for the current generation of Lakewood shoppers.

Site Plan