Tenant Name

Angie's Lobster

Representation Region DFW, Oklahoma

Site Requirements

2nd Gen Free Standing Drive-Thru Preferred

  • 2,200 – 4,000 SFT
  • Lease or purchase

Pad Sites for Ground Up Development

  • 30,000 SFT – 1 acre of land
  • Purchase, or build to suit

Tenant Description

Angie's Lobster is home of the $9.99 lobster meal and lobster rolls for $8.50. Each meal includes Maine lobster, fries, Angie's sauce, and a drink. At Angie's Lobster, their focus is on efficiency, eliminating waste, keeping costs low, and making lobster accessible for everyone. Lobster is purchased right off the boats from their wharf in Main and processed through their own facility in Maine, thus eliminating costly third parties. Read more about Angie's Lobster here