Tenant Name

Angie's Prime Grill

Representation Region DFW

Site Requirements

Angie's Prime Grill is using USDA Prime Steak, Organic Chicken and Maine Lobster Tails, grilled-to-order and served in savory warm bowls, grilled burritos and fresh-cut salads! Angie's Prime Grill uses premium and organic ingredients like heirloom tomatoes, Persian cucumbers, organic romaine and house-made sauces made with premium extra virgin olive oil, without any preservatives or additives and packed with bold flavors. What's the difference between Angie's Prime Grill and a Prime Steakhouse? High-end ingredients, yet competitively priced like a fast food meal with the speed and convenience of a drive-thru!

Tenant Description

2nd Gen Free Standing Drive-Thru Preferred

  • 2,200 – 4,000 SFT
  • Lease or purchase

Pad Sites for Ground Up Development

  • 30,000 SFT – 1 acre of land
  • Purchase, or build to suit