Tenant Name

Black Tap

Representation Region Texas

Site Requirements

4,000 - 5,000 SF End Caps

Tenant Description

Beginning in NYC and growing the brand internationally, Black Tap is known for more than award winning craft burgers, beer and Crazyshakes. Growing from our first “OG” spot on SoHo’s Broome Street. We’re rocking more iconic spaces in NYC, the Vegas strip, Disneyland, Bahrain, Kuwait, Singapore, Switzerland, the UAE, and many more in the works. With a creative menu including burger salads, Korean BBQ wings, vegan dishes and vegetable sides. Black Tap is keeping that timeless NYC vibe alive, all over the world. Everything you see, taste, hear and feel - is fresh, fun and familiar. Full of the street art we love. The music we live for. The fun-to-be-with people who bring it, every day.