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Representation Region Texas

Site Requirements

2,500 SF

Tenant Description

It started with 4 friends and a dream... Casper began in the Summer of 2013 when friends Neil, Luke, Gabe, and Philip met at a coworking space. They looked around and noticed everyone was downing green juice and taking spin class, but still complaining about how tired they were. It seemed like everyone was missing the point...Then we had an epiphany. We got to work to figure out why people weren’t getting the zzz’s they needed. Over the past 4 years we’ve revolutionized the way people shop for mattresses. The world (and press) took notice and so have nearly 2 million happy sleepers. We have deep rooted design and product standards that keep us innovating; From our revolutionary and award winning mattress, to a family of three, and even more products to cozy up to with new additions on the way. 

But expansion isn’t just about product. We’ve now taken our experience offline and expanded to 19 store locations, Our national footprint is growing, and we want to continue that expansion alongside the disruptive brands we admire.