Tenant Name


Representation Region Houston, TX

Site Requirements

1,500 SF

Tenant Description

Toronto based brand, founded by Noura Sakkijha as a jewelry line that features timeless pieces designed to be worn daily. Think thin gold bands, classic small hoops, the occasional pearl earrings, and wearable diamonds that are understated yet still striking.

Mejuri's business plan is brilliantly simple. Instead of seasonal releases or big marketing campaigns like the old-school brands, the company has “weekly drops” — the first of its kind in the jewelry industry — where they release fresh inventory to their 444,000 Instagram followers at the beginning of every week. “We’re really focusing on building a brand that women want to be a part of by making luxury a habit and treating yourself,” Sakkijha says. “We want expand internationally and continue to build a movement of women empowerment.”