Tenant Name

Mizzen and Main

Representation Region National

Site Requirements

1,500-1,800 SF

Tenant Description

Founded in 2012 in Dallas, TX Mizzen + Main is altering the “Dress Shirt” for men. Dress shirts are designed for looks, not comfort or breathability. Mizzen+Main is changing that, offering men a line of sweat-wicking, wrinkle-free dress shirts that keep you comfortable without sacrificing style. Men will feel more comfortable, look great, and people won't be able to be able to tell you're not wearing a "normal" dress shirt. The Brand is committed to evolve the product line and started opening Brick and Mortar in 2018 after selling to several high-end independent stores, Nordstrom, and online. Mizzen + Main offers a relaxed atmosphere within their four walls, a lounge, complimentary beverages and is expanding in the Southeast and Midwest.