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Public Lands

Representation Region Houston, S. Texas, W. Texas, AZ, CO, UT, ID, MT, WY

Tenant Description

In 2020, never before did more people hike a trail, paddle a river or bag a summit. Yet, that still only makes up 20% of Americans. From the rolling green hills of the Red River Gorge in Kentucky, to the sparkling blue waters of Buckeye Lake State Park in Ohio, to Forest Park; in the heart of the city of Portland, Oregon, America is defined by 640 million acres of public lands. What is keeping us from experiencing our public lands? How can we protect these lands and get more people outdoors?  Those are the questions we’re asking every day and they’re the challenges we’re ready to face. We know that together, we can celebrate, protect, and enjoy our public lands and leave a lasting impact on the communities that define them.