Tenant Name

rye 51 / Q Clothier

Representation Region National

Site Requirements

2000 - 3000 SF

Tenant Description

Rye 51 is a curated collection of luxury casual menswear committed to the artisanal craft of the old world clothier. They don’t believe in cutting corners for cost, efficiency, or other reasons. Instead, they will introduce the old world orders to the new generations. Rye 51 was started to fill the void for a well curated, timeless collection of quality casual menswear designed around the man on the move. All of their products are designed and produced with a small batch mentality and in conjunction with the most respected workshops in the world. Q Clothier upscale men’s custom clothier that provides top quality, hand-crafted attire tailored perfectly for individuals of every lifestyle, with personal style guidance from seasoned experts.