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If you have a dog, you know what we mean. Today, there are more people with dogs than without. We are a country of dog parents and most of us are under 35 years old. Our lives are supported by innovations in technology. We track the status of our grocery deliveries in real-time and order car rides from our phone. The services we use are customized for us – and we expect that – in everything, except our pet care. 

With pet care, we don’t get the insights, the convenience, the reliability, the transparency, that we do with everything else. When it comes to pet care, it’s still a lot of clipboards and bad websites. Until now.

We provide care matched to your pet’s specific needs. The philosophy of our pet care program focuses on knowing everything about your dog and creating a personalized enrichment program for your dog to fit their specific physical, mental, and emotional needs. 

Our technology supports that knowledge exchange across our entire staff so everyone on our team can deliver customized care to each and every pup. Our mobile app makes it easy for you – our human client – to track your dog’s updates and see what she’s learning and doing and who her friends are. Through our app, you can reserve and manage your visits – you can even schedule a pick-up and drop-off for your dog!